About Us

Three friends smiling during a museum field trip

Nationally recognized. Islam focused. Student-centered. 

Crescent Academy International is a nationally recognized private, non-profit college preparatory Islamic school, located on a picturesque 10-acre campus in the suburban community of Canton, Michigan.  On average, the school enrolls more than 450 students between the ages of 18 months (Montessori Childcare) to grade 8.
Crescent Academy International was founded in 1991 on the vision of a small group of noted Muslim professionals who were devoted to the education of every Muslim child as a “total person.”  Today, as a registered 501(c)(3) organization, Crescent offers a comprehensive curriculum integrating Islamic principles in all areas of instruction and experience – plus a variety of opportunities for enrichment outside the classroom.  The Crescent experience is strengthened by a strong partnership with students, parents, alumni, and the community based on the guiding principles of Islam. 
Crescent’s highly qualified staff of certified and experienced teachers and administrators hold various advanced degrees.  In addition to its commitment to the highest academic standards in faith-based education, the Crescent staff is dedicated to providing a safe, secure learning environment promoting both physical and emotional well-being.

Crescent Academy International has a proven track record of nurturing and developing students who are firmly in touch with themselves, their heritage as Muslims, and their roles and responsibilities in contemporary society.  Crescent is honored by its broad network of alumni, who have gone on to serve as outstanding local and global citizens empowered by their deeply rooted Islamic faith and practice.  Graduates of the middle school successfully transition into high school, college, career pathways, continuing charities, and the formation of their own loving families - among other noble and good endeavors.  

Our School Emblem

The original Crescent Academy International emblem was created in 1991. It was modified slightly in early 2021. However, most of the elements of the original emblem remain. These elements include:

Crescent Academy International badge
  • The Holy Book, the Qur’an, in the center, representing the divine source of knowledge.
  • The globe and atomic particles, representing the two main branches of learning – the social and physical sciences.
  • The verse, “Lord, increase me in knowledge,” found in both Arabic and English at the top of the pages. This symbolizes man’s connection to and reliance upon Almighty God, Allah (SWT), as the source of knowledge.
  • In the background is a globe encircled by geometric shapes. Children are formed by a circle head and a body made from two crescents in reverse. This image personifies the true aim and aspiration of the school – that our students, formed by the principles of faith, knowledge, unity and service, will go through the world to serve mankind, and in so doing, spread the beautiful teachings of Islam.