Lower Elementary

Building foundational knowledge and skills While Fostering an emergent Islamic identity

One of the goals of the curriculum at Crescent is to develop the child's lens in recognizing the Islamic principles integral to all areas of instruction and experience, to facilitate the well-balanced growth and development of Muslim children — the complete human being.

This goal is realized through the core aspects of the elementary school curriculum. These core aspects include:

  • The Islamic sciences
  • The language and visual arts and social sciences
  • The math and physical sciences

A central teaching team delivers instruction in these core areas of learning so that children develop strong relationships with their teachers. Key skills and content knowledge taught at this level include:

  • Qur’anic Arabic, grammar and linguistics
  • Islamic faith, beliefs, hadith, tafsir, tajweed, and Qur'an memorization
  • Reading, writing, handwriting, phonics, spelling, and word work 
  • Number sense, foundational math computation, and problem-solving
  • Inquiry-based science and engineering
  • Social Studies, map skills

Project-based, hands-on learning

Core knowledge is integrated and delivered in a project-based, hands-on learning environment. Authentic assessments used to measure growth include:

  • Portfolios
  • Culminating projects
  • Fountas & Pinnell reading benchmark tests
  • Standardized formative assessment (NWEA) 

Individualized learning

Tools used to individualize learning include:

  • Readers and Writers Workshops
  • Guided Math combined with Singapore Math Strategies
  • Technological programs like IXL, Khan Academy and the Google Classroom online learning platform. 
  • A healthy school culture is developed with the implementation of programs that define clear expectations, such as CHAMPS, Restorative Practices and Mindfulness.
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  • Be Muslim — Islam is a way of life
  • Be Responsible — I am in charge of me
  • Be Considerate — Respect the rights of others
  • Be Safe — Everyone has the right to be safe
  • Be Busy — Learning is my primary duty