It takes a community to educate a child

The concept of community is intrinsic to Muslim life and culture. We firmly believe the responsibility for educating children in the Islamic way of life extends beyond the classroom; it requires an aligned network of parents, board members, donors, alumni and the local community.

We encourage engagement and open communication among all stakeholders in the Crescent community – with the ultimate goal of preparing students to be leaders for life and eternity

“The zeal and interest of the parents, and the involvement and commitment of the teaching staff and administration, is nothing but phenomenal.” M. Masood Rab, senior trustee


Our goal at school, and in working with parents and students at home, is to nurture and develop young people to live as effective, upright citizens who make their communities better in accordance with Islamic values. A high standard of Islamic conduct is expected of students attending Crescent Academy, as described in our Code of Conduct. 



Achieving our mission requires parents’ involvement. Parents who are active, engaged and volunteer contribute to a better overall student experience. Ours is an open school; Parents are welcome to visit the school at any time (although not during the current COVID-19 pandemic) and observe our daily activities. 

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Friends of Crescent

Crescent Academy International is supported by the generosity of donors, who provide financial support to our organization. This support plays a pivotal role in helping Crescent to achieve its goals. 

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Our growing network of thousands of alumni – who serve in leadership roles and make countless contributions to society – represents the greatest example of the value of a Crescent Academy International education. Crescent students form lifetime relationships and are an important source of inspiration and generous gifts to sustain our future growth.

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Staff and Faculty

Our faculty members are experienced and highly qualified across a broad range of academic disciplines and in Islamic principles. They work closely with parents to ensure each student is challenged and achieves spiritual, intellectual and social growth. Most of our faculty have advanced degrees. Our leadership staff has many decades of experience, and shares a passion for Islamic-centered education, while ensuring sound management of school operations and finances.



Composed of a cross-section of community and business leaders, Crescent Academy International’s board of [directors/trustees] ensures the school remains true to its mission and vision, and provides strategic oversight to operations and future growth. 

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