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The MCWS Story

The idea was conceived more than 40 years ago during informal discussion among Muslim neighbors meeting in the basements of their homes. Today, the Muslim Community of Western Suburbs of Detroit (MCWS) mosque is a thriving centerpiece on the campus of Crescent Academy International.

Crescent's partnership with MCWS is dedicated to creating and promoting a community of peace and caring, helping members grow closer to God and contribute positively to their families and communities. 

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Promoting Muslim Identity and Values 

MCWS was founded in 1977 by a group of young parents committed to preserving their children’s Muslim identity and values as they assimilated in the U.S. Growing from informal study sessions in the homes of the founders, it became an official nonprofit organization in 1979. 

In the early days, as the MCWS community gained members, money was generated through fundraising dinners, as the group set its sights on establishing a lasting facility. Muslim communities in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Dearborn and the Syrian Community of Walled Lake combined their aspirations for a permanent mosque with those of the MCWS. 

Ultimately, MCWS joined Crescent Academy International on its 10 acres at the current site in Canton — a full-time school with a prayer hall. Today, the MCWS is a shining beacon on the Crescent campus, serving as a sacred place of worship and gathering.