Parents make the difference

Caring parents and guardians, in partnership with an outstanding teaching and administrative staff, are integral to the fulfillment of the Crescent vision and mission.   

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) in collaboration with school leadership enriches an entire year of learning and teaching experience with events and activities that inspire awe and wonder.  The PTO gives parents the opportunity to contribute enriching and unique community based experiences for the entire Crescent Family.

Many volunteer opportunities and leadership roles are available within the PTO. Contact the PTO for more information.

Transparency and communication with parents are essential to a successful school experience.  As the parent of a Crescent Academy International student, you have access to a secure parent portal, through which you can obtain updates on your child’s academic progress, interact with teachers, and learn about the latest Crescent happenings. It’s one more way we demonstrate the importance of parents to our school community.     

PTO in Action

Parent’s Pledge

We ask parents of Crescent Academy International students to pledge themselves to fulfill the responsibilities outlined in our Parent’s Pledge:

  • Pray for your child and all those involved in his/her education;
  • Provide an Islamic atmosphere for your child at home. This is the most important thing you can do for your child;
  • Make sure that your child does their best at school;
  • Take an active role in seeing that your child’s home-study is regular and complete;
  • Encourage your child to be a cheerfully pleasant member of Crescent Academy International and to treat his/her teachers, classmates and property with care and respect;
  • Cooperate with the teachers and support them to nurture and develop your child’s ability and attitude;
  • Go directly to the teacher, in the true spirit of Islam, with respect and understanding if questions or concerns arise;
  • Take an active role by attending parent-teacher conferences, family nights, PTO activities, field trips, fundraisers and many other school activities;
  • Fulfill your financial obligations to the school;
  • Support the school throughout the year in its principles, practices, and policies.

I consider it a privilege to send my child to an Islamic school and therefore shall endeavor to support and uphold the principles, practices, and policies of the school in every way.  With God’s help, I pledge to fulfill these responsibilities as a parent of Crescent Academy International. 

“Parent and family support are integral to the success of students as they grow spiritually and academically  through their lived experience at home and at Crescent; learning together we are an integral part of whole much bigger than any one.”Pembe Yasarlar, executive director, Crescent Academy International 


Led by an executive council of parents, PTO works with generous parent volunteers to raise funds and organize popular school-wide activities, such as:

  • Back-to-school treats
  • Eid parties
  • Fun Garage gathering
  • Airtime Trampoline gathering
  • The School Store
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Spirit Week
  • Jummah Treats at Lunch
  • Pizza and nacho lunches
  • Snack sale at CMS home games
  • Panera Bread PTO dinner
  • Field Day BBQ