Forming lifelong connections

Students forge special friendships during their years at Crescent Academy – and deep connections that often last a lifetime. During these critical formative years in their education, the Crescent learning environment helps them transform to curious, engaging, self-confident young adults – well-equipped to succeed in high school and to carve their own future paths.

Bound by their strengthened spirituality, knowledge and relationships, Crescent students and graduates frequently desire to give back – making them an important pillar in the school’s sustained success. 

Students work together to collect recyclable materials from their classroom as part of the Green School initiative service project


From the time they start elementary school until they graduate from middle school, Crescent Academy International students are expected to embrace these ideals.

  • Be Muslim – Islam is a way of life.
  • Be responsible – I am in charge of me.
  • Be considerate – Respect the rights of others.
  • Be safe – Everyone has the right to be safe.
  • Be busy – Learning is my primary duty.