Student builds a STEM project

Consistent with The Tarbiyah Project©, Crescent periodically offers workshops and seminars that allow students, families and community members to holistically build their knowledge and skills to become well-rounded Muslims who contribute positively to society.

Heba Kamal, Principal

Workshops – An opportunity for immersion

  • Monthly Parent Workshops with the school social worker
  • Writing/Visual Arts Workshops with artists from around the world
    • Peter Sanders, world-renowned photographer
    • Hena Khan, children’s book author
    • Master Hajj Noor Deen, Islamic calligrapher
    • Jawaad Abdul Rahman, Unity Film Productions producer/director
    • Dawud Wharnsby, recording artist
  • Strengthening the Family Workshops in partnership with The FYI (The Family and Youth Institute)
    • Mental Health Issues in the Muslim Community
    • Bullying Prevention Strategies
  • Drugs 101 and Vaping workshops for parents and students
  • Responsible use of social media, gaming, and digital citizenship
    • Screenagers
    • Cyber Safety
  • Security and Safety Awareness Training

Seminars – Broadening the learning experience

  • Girls’ and Boys’ Health Seminars. Gender separated seminars focusing on human growth and change during adolescence (5th-7th grade).
  • The High School Experience Seminar. Crescent Alumni return to advise and answer questions about the high school experience for graduating 8th graders.
  • Career Seminars. Practitioners from a variety of careers share their experiences with students of all ages.
  • STEM and other school-wide assemblies