Friends smiling together on playground

Why should I donate to Crescent?

  1. Educating a Faithful Child in Living, Serving, and Being Muslim – A vision and mission to propagate devotion to Allah, to imbue and embrace Islam
  2. Enjoining that which is Noble, Good, and BeneficialA calling upon every believer 
  3. Planting Seeds for a Safer, Stronger, More Sacred Tomorrow – A service of bettering communities far and wide, neighbors and families, students and teachers
  4. Leaving a Legacy of Care – Be a part of something bigger than ourselves; have a hand in raising the goodly child whose goodly prayers and noble deeds benefit in life and eternity
  5. A Goodly Loan – Everlasting gift that benefits the both the giver and the receiver, sadaqah jaariyah, an opportunity by Allah

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Imam Tahir Anwar

Dr. Altaf Husain