Ways to Give

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Giving Options 

The students and staff at Crescent Academy International greatly appreciate your gifts, which allow us to sustain and grow our school and continue to deliver high-quality, transformative Islamic-centered education.

You can donate to Crescent Academy International in several ways. We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. We are happy to provide a tax receipt for your donation. 

Most of our donors, known as Friends of Crescent, give in one of these ways: 

  1. Monthly donation – By donating monthly through automatic withdrawal from your bank or other financial institution account, you support the ongoing operations of Crescent Academy – from staff salaries to curriculum and technology needs – and help the school meet its annual budget. 
  2. One-time donation – Your single donation can support a specific project or department, as well as fund certain student tuition scholarships that are based on financial need.  
  3. Long-term donation – Some of our donors prefer to pledge a specific amount over an extended period, such as two to three years, to help fund capital projects or sustain the Crescent Academy endowment fund. 
  4. Planned giving - Make a charitable gift today that is allocated at a future date. Commonly this donation is through a will or trust, and most often granted once the donor has passed away.

We are happy to discuss your donation intentions or your tax-deductible gift, or answer any questions you may have about giving opportunities and options.

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Ways to Donate 

You can make your gift in any of several ways, outlined below. Wire or check donations are preferred over credit card donations, when possible, to avoid service fees that can decrease the actual amount received by the school.